Friday, September 13, 2013

Perry Center Alumni Chapter of Jamaica Hosts Networking Event

Perry Center Professors Michael Gold-Biss, Boris Saavedra, and Kevin Newmeyer attended a "meet-and-greet" networking event hosted by the CHDS Alumni Chapter of Jamaica this past week. There were 10 alumni members that attended the event. Pictured below are two of the chapter coordinators for Jamaica.

Colonel George Benson (left) and Mr. Kirk Johnson (right)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dr. Luis Kun travels to Mexico as Distinguished Visitor!

Dr. Luis Kun traveled to Mexico as Distinguished Visitor.
Dr. Luis Kun viajó a México como Vistante Distinguido.

In this image: Dr. Enrique Sucar Succar (left), Director of Research at INAOE
and Dr. Luis Kun (right), distinguished speaker and guest.

We want to recognize Dr. Kun for his recent trip to Mexico, where he was invited to speak through the Distinguished Visitor Program (DVP) for the IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Society for Social Implications of Technology (SSIT), and the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS). This program invites lecturers to travel internationally and share their knowledge to countries where resources are limited.

In this particular case, Dr. Kun was invited by the National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics, Electricity, and Computational Science (INAOE) through the aforementioned DVP program. Dr. Kun traveled to Puebla, where he talked about Healthcare Transformation and the challenges faced.

A video clip of the event can be found on YouTube at:

Comments on the event can be found at:

More information on the event can be found by searching for "Dr. Luis Kun Visitante Distinguido Puebla Mexico" on any search engines. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Recent Publication by three Perry Center graduates! Publicación por Marco Moloeznik (Mexico), Carolina Sancho (Chile) y Marco Cepik (Brazil)!

The Perry Center wants to recognize and congratulate three of our graduates, Marco Moloeznik, Carolina Sancho and Marco Cepik, for their recent accomplishment. Marco Moloeznik, Carolina Sancho and Marco Cepik are contributing authors to the "Dictionary de Inteligencia y Seguridad." The dictionary is, as the synopsis says, the most complete in its field and demonstrates a tremendous achievement. Congratulations!

Marco Cepik
Carolina Sancho
  Marco Moloeznik


El Centro Perry quiere reconocer y felicitar a tres egresados de nuestros cursos, Marco Moloeznik, Carolina Sancho y Marco Cepik, por su reciente logro. Los dos son coautores en "El Diccionario de Inteligencia y Seguridad." El Diccionario es, como dice el sinopsis, el más completo en su campo y demuestra un logro tremendo. ¡Felicitaciones!

This dictionary, the most complete in the field of intelligence and security, contains over 1500 defined terms in Spanish and the corresponding translations in English, French, and Portuguese. The book also includes some practical inverse dictionaries to translate from English, French, and Portuguese to Spanish, in addition to graphics and tables of frequently used words. The multidisciplinary team of various specialists have defined each concept in a simple and easy to understand manner, covering specialized terms including intelligence structures, sources, analysis, dissemination and undercover operations, economic intelligence, competitive intelligence, intelligence militar, diplomacy, espionage, terrorism, security, ethics, cold war, human resources, legal aspects, cryptography, and cryptology. It is a indispensible piece of work for all of those that wish to complete their academic formation and want to be up to date in the world of intelligence and security with an international focus, from the professionals that develop their activities in this environment to the university professors and students, or journalists and translators.

You can find the book by following this link:


El sinopsis:
Este diccionario, el más completo en el campo de la inteligencia y de la seguridad, cuenta con 1.500 términos definidos en español y con sus correspondientes traducciones al inglés, francés y portugués. Incluye también unos prácticos diccionarios inversos del inglés, francés y portugués al español, además de gráficos y tablas de uso frecuente. Un equipo multidisciplinar de una veintena de especialistas en activo ha definido cada concepto de forma sencilla y fácil de entender, cubriendo los términos especializados de estructuras de inteligencia, fuentes, análisis, diseminación y operaciones encubiertas, inteligencia económica, inteligencia competitiva, inteligencia militar, diplomacia, espionaje, terrorismo, seguridad, ética, guerra fría, recursos humanos, aspectos legales, criptografía y criptología. Es una obra de consulta imprescindible para todo aquel que quiera completar su formación y estar al día en el mundo de la inteligencia y de la seguridad con un enfoque internacional, desde profesionales que desarrollen su actividad en este ámbito, hasta
profesores y estudiantes universitarios, o periodistas y traductores especializados.

Se puede encontrar el libro en este vínculo: