Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Alumni Spotlight: Mario Castillo

Colonel Mario Castillo (HR/ROL 2012) of Honduras was appointed Defense Attaché to the United States at the Embassy of Honduras in Washington, DC.

El Coronel Mario Castillo (HR/ROL 2012) de Honduras está representando a las Fuerzas Armadas de Honduras como Agregado de Defensa ante los Estados Unidos en la Embajada de Honduras en Washington, DC.


  1. Attached and below please find some of the documentation contained in my whistleblower reprisal case now before the ​U.S. ​D​epartment ​o​f ​Defense​ Office of Inspector General, as well as the underlying disclosures about CHDS. It includes information about the unpunished role of senior CHDS officials in support of the illegal 2009 military coup.

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