Friday, August 3, 2012

Caribbean Defense and Security Course 2012

CHDS wrapped up its Caribbean Defense and Security Course (CDSC) last week. Lieutenant Commander Fredrick Brown of the Royal Bahamas Defense Force chatted with us about his experiences in the course so far.

Lt. Com. Brown was impressed by the insights shared by CHDS professors and his international peers. The lectures and discussions, he said, have been fascinating.

While discussing problems and issues that he was aware of, the course also opened his eyes to new aspects of the Caribbean defense environment, particularly the geopolitical issues faced by defense forces in the Caribbean and in South America. As a career military man, he also found himself grateful for the opportunity to learn about issues from the government perspective and to interact with government officials.

One of his favorite sessions of the course, he said, was a session with a representative of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The Bahamas, Lt. Com. Brown informed us, hosts two DEA offices. Brown was happy to have gained a better understanding of how the DEA works in both the Bahamas and in other areas of Latin America and the Caribbean. In particular, he enjoyed the deep discussions about the global confluence of terrorism and drug trafficking.

Outside of the conference rooms and simulation groups, Lt. Com. Brown and the rest of the CDSC students have gotten to explore Washington DC. Brown, an aficionado of history, had been to Washington before, but has been enjoying the new experiences that CHDS provides to its students. 

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